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How can we help?

Support Options


There are several support options available for the Levato System. Detailed below is an explanation of each option, allowing you to make an informed decision about which option is right for your project. Should you have any questions relating to support options or wish to discuss the practicalities in greater depth, please contact our technical department.

* Please note; we recommend that the Levato Mono paving is installed with a slight fall (1%-1.25%) to ensure the paving slabs themselves drain. Porcelain is almost completely non porous therefore if installed dead level, after rain there will remain a 2-3mm bubble of water on the paver surface - a slight fall will ensure the majority of this water runs off.

* It is the manufacturers recommendation to use center supports when creating a void in excess of 20mm. However, we recommend always using center supports regardless of void height when using height adjustable pedestals for improved impact resistance.

Additionally, for voids in excess of 100mm, Surface 360 recommends the use of our Impact Control Membrane (ICM) which should be applied to the under side of the paving, in all affected areas. For more information regarding this, please contact us directly.

Self-Levelling Pedestal


  • Fast, accurate installation over any surface regardless of its irregularity, no shimming required.
  • Height range 28mm-550mm (48mm-570mm inclusive of paving), via 14nr pedestals.Self Levelling Pedestal 1.jpg
  • Ideal for situations with multiple falls and/or where the paving angle will differ to that of the subsurface
  • Installation directly onto single ply waterproof membranes and other delicate waterproofing systems
  • High adjustment safety auto-lock mechanism
  • Able to support loads in excess of 1200kgs

Fixed Head Pedestal


  • Relatively low cost
  • TECHNICAL DETAIL - SUPPORT PED 2.jpgHeight range 25mm – 270mm (45mm – 290mm inclusive of paving), via 5nr pedestals.
  • Ideal for situations where paving will follow existing falls and the subsurface is fairly even/planar.
  • Can be used in situations with multiple falls or where the angle of the paving is required to differ from that of the existing surface, in these situations the angle of the pedestals must be adjusted with rubber shims
  • Able to support loads in excess of 1200kgs


  • Slower installation if using shims to alter the angle of the paving from that of the existing fall
  • Shims can shift over time leading to rocking paving slabs and uneven paving surface

Paver Support Pad (Fixed Height)


  • Low cost
  • Very low build-up achievable, from 9mm (29mm inclusive of paving)
  • Ability to support very small cuts
  • Ideal for situations where the paving will follow the existing fallPSP.jpg


  • Not ideal for very uneven surfaces
  • Not ideal for roofs with multiple falls
  • Cannot easily alter angle of paving from existing angle of falls

Paver Support Pad (Height Adjustable)


 Height Adjustable Paver Support Pad.png
  • Relatively low cost
  • 10-15mm height range (30-35mm inclusive of paving), via 1nr pad


  • Not ideal for very uneven surface
  • Not ideal for roofs with multiple falls
  • Cannot easily alter angle of paving from existing angle of falls

Traditional Fix Adhesive


  • Very Low build-up from 5mm (25mm inclusive of paving)
  • Ideal for staircases and installation directly on to concrete screed


  • Not suitable for installation onto waterproof membranes
  • Finished paving will require grout


 Support Application Chart 

Technical Details- Levato Mono Support Options650.jpg


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