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How can we help?

How can we help?


Here you will find answers to commonly asked questions about our products

Are the Levato Mono paver's suitable for use near the coast with such abrasive conditions?

Yes the paver's are incredibly resistant to abrasion, they cannot be scratched even with hardened steel.

Is there a minimum weight requirement for exterior paving?

There are no minimum weight requirements, legislative controls or EU/British standards relating to raised paving and it weight. Some waterproof roofing systems, primarily the more old fashioned loose lay systems such as ballasted roofs, do require a minimum weight be applied per m², if this sort of system is being specified then you would need to check with the roofing system manufacturer regarding ballasting weights – but generally the modern systems such as warm roofs do not require ballasting as they are mechanically fixed or adhered.

My balcony has open sides, is it suitable for raised paving?

Yes quite possibly but you would need to discuss this with our technical team.

Can the Levato Mono pavers be cut to fit around my balustrading?

Yes absolutely although additional supports may be required depending on the depth of the cuts, our technical team will take all this into consideration when designing the layout.

Can I ‘stick’ the paver's onto my roofing membrane?

In our opinion this is not best practice and would strongly advise against adhering any sort of paving or tiling directly onto a waterproof membrane. In the past this practice was quite common however over time it has proven not to be a sound solution, as the waterproof membrane and paving/tile expand at different rates in hot and cold temperatures eventually separating and often compromising the waterproof membrane in the process.

What stops the paving from moving once fitted on the raised pedestals/pads?

Each paver when installed on pedestals or paver support pads, is locked in position by its neighbours, each paver being positioned tight against the spacer tabs on the pedestal or pad. But it is essential that the perimeter paving is also locked into position and this is achieved with tension springs when using the pedestal systems and correct cutting of the paver support pads where these are employed.

Can curved edges be cut in the paver's?

Yes it is possible to cut curves, however it is not a simple process and certainly not a DIY proposition. Curves cut into up-stands or boundary wall are achievable with an angle grinder, but require both skill and patience to produce a good quality finish. Outside edges i.e. edges on which the underside would be visible, i.e. on a patio or step detail would require off-site cutting by water jet, please speak to our technical team regarding these situations we have considerable experience in designing and producing these special pieces.

Can I cut holes for light fittings in the paver's?

Yes this can be achieved relatively easily, however additional paver supports may be required dependent on the size and position of the hole.

Will the pedestal/supports damage my waterproof membrane?

No, all of our support systems are designed to work on any waterproof membrane, they are constructed from inert materials that will not react adversely with waterproofing materials.

Can I use the supports directly on GRP (Fibreglass) waterproofing?

Yes, however we would advise the use of a Sound Suppressant Pad as a medium between the support and the GRP. As GRP is a hard membrane, the pad reduces vibration as well as suppressing sound travelling through the floor to rooms below. It will also ensure that should grit be washed under the support, gravel crunch will not be audible when walking on the raised deck.

What is the total weight of Levato Mono per m²?

Approximately 46.28kgs, if used with paver support pads this figure would be plus a hundred grams or so; pedestals would add a couple of Kilos or so dependent on layout; paver size; height of support etc.

Do I require a central support pedestal?

It is a Manufacturer recommendation that at heights above 20mm an additional support is placed in the middle of the paver (600x600mm). For domestic applications customers often choose to ignore this, however should the customer have a void of over 100mm under the paving we would recommend that they reconsider the centre support. For voids of over 250mm we would recommend a safety mesh be applied to the underside of the paving as well as a centre support.

How long does it take for delivery?

In many cases we are able to deliver “next working day” if required, generally for UK stock it is 2-3 days and for other items 10-14days.

I have a gully drain around sections of my balcony, is it possible to cover these with the paving?

Yes in most cases we are able to cover box gutters and gully drains from view, please contact our technical team to discuss your situation.

I have a steep fall on my terrace, what is the best pedestal to use if I want to create a level surface?

We would recommend the Self Levelling pedestals for this sort of application, as they are able to deal with gradients up to 5% (1:20), without the requirement for shims. However we would recommend a very slight fall be specified on the paving surface to ensure the individual paver's drain effectively.

I have a roofing membrane with overlaps and a few undulations, how do I deal with these?

Use the Self Levelling pedestals, they will enable the creation of a planar surface quickly and easily without the need for time consuming shimming.

What does the Pedestal Height Adjustment tool do and is it essential?

The Pedestal Adjustment tool enables the pedestals to be quickly and easily raised or lowered, in fact the paving can be raised in situ with this tool. It is not essential for pedestals over 100m high as these can be adjusted by hand, but the amount of time this would take in comparison to using the tool in our opinion makes it indispensable.

Are the Levato Mono paver's suitable around a swimming pool?

Yes they are ideal for pool applications and the vast majority of our ranges achieve the required European standard for slip resistance in wet areas (R11C).

What should I use to cut the Levato Mono paver's?

Porcelain is easily cut with the correct equipment, we recommend water-fed table and rail saws with a suitable diamond blade for large cuts and angle grinders for small cuts and shaping. Please ensure correct safety wear (PPI) is worn at all times when cutting porcelain, this should include but not be limited to; eye and suitable respiratory protective equipment; gloves and hearing protection.

Do you offer installation?

Yes we have a dedicated and highly experienced team of installers, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Can you assist with the design/layout of my floor space?

Yes we can, in fact we do not like to supply the Levato System without first producing a layout drawing to ensure the correct size cuts are specified at the perimeter edges, as there is a minimum practicable size of cuts for different support options.

Are the finishes designed to replicate a natural material – are they realistic looking?

Yes, some ranges are a copy of the original material, be it timber, stone or concrete. However some ranges take the natural look of the material and enhance certain aspects or colours.

Are the Levato Mono paver's likely to be slippery when wet?

No, the paving achieves European Standards for slip resistance and unlike natural stone and timber because the porcelain surface is non-porous, the growth of lichens, mosses and moulds is severely restricted.

Is the Levato Mono suitable for Commercial environments?

Yes it is particularly suitable for commercial areas, due to its extremely low maintenance, easy clean and slip resistant qualities. It has been specified for many outside dining and terrace areas including Bristol Airport, London Zoo, Theatre Royal Drury Lane and Jamie’s Italian to name but a few.

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