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How can we help?

Paver Support Systems


Levato Paving and Decking Support Systems

A raised access system allows pavers to be laid onto virtually any surface without compromising the waterproof membrane, allowing users to easily access the membrane below. Surface 360 offers a range of both fixed height and height adjustable supports for paving. If you are unsure which option would best suit your project please refer to our Support Options page.

Please browse our support system products below for more information.

Our Ranges

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Adjustment Shims

Small deviations in the flatness of the subsurface can be adjusted through the use of...... Learn More

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Levato Fixed Head Pedestals (Height Adjustable)

Our fixed head range of pedestals are extremely stable due to an extra wide footprint. Starting from an ultra….... Learn More

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Levato Self Levelling Pedestals (Height Adjustable)

Our most technically advanced system, offering super fast shim free installation via an auto slope…..... Learn More

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Paver Support Pads (Non Height Adjustable)

Fixed height Paver Support Pads offer ultra-fast, low cost installation - ideally suited for those wishing to achieve...... Learn More

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Pedestal Height Adjustment Tool

A high-tensile steel key which allows the finite adjustment of pedestals, even after all pavers are in place ... Learn More

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Sound Suppressant Pad

A 6mm thick high density rubber-crumb pad 210x210x6mm, installed under the pedestal or paver pad... Learn More

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Tension Springs

Our stainless steel perimeter retention springs are an accessory required when using fixed head and ... Learn More

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FAQ’s about Support Systems

I have a steep fall on my terrace, what is the best pedestal to use if I want to create a level surface?

We would recommend the Self Levelling pedestals for this sort of application, as they are able to deal with gradients up to 5% (1:20), without the requirement for shims. However we would recommend a very slight fall be specified on the paving surface to ensure the individual paver's drain effectively.

I have a roofing membrane with overlaps and a few undulations, how do I deal with these?

Use the Self Levelling pedestals, they will enable the creation of a planar surface quickly and easily without the need for time consuming shimming.

I have a gully drain around sections of my balcony, is it possible to cover these with the paving?

Yes in most cases we are able to cover box gutters and gully drains from view, please contact our technical team to discuss your situation.