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How can we help?

Environmental Policy


CO2 Reduction
In recent years the factory has reduced its CO2 emissions by no less than 17%. New investments for a further reduction are planned, using techniques for reutilising heat generated during the production process and creating energy by cogeneration.

Green Energy
All electricity used during production is derived from cogeneration.

Zero Waste
The Levato Pavers are produced using a zero waste procedure.

Recycled Materials
Levato Pavers are manufactured using up to 30 % recycled material.

Local Raw Materials
Materials are always sourced from within Europe with a maximum travel length of 500 miles and whenever possible, local raw materials are sourced for the paver production.

H2O Management
100% of the waste-water produced during the manufacturing process is collected and reused.

Recycled/Recyclable Packing Material
All our paper packaging materials are made from recycled paper and are further recyclable. The European transport of our products come on reusable “Europallets”.

Life Cycle Assessments
A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) also known as an ‘eco-balance’ or cradle-to-grave-analysis; is the investigation and evaluation of the environmental impact of a given product or service caused or necessitated by its existence.
Levato pavers have an exceedingly long life cycle; technically they could be used for hundreds of years without losing their aesthetically pleasing or technical properties.
Our pavers are designed for dry installation; which eliminates the use of adhesives, cement, levelling compounds and grouting. This not only reduces the harmful emissions and CO2 used in production; but also eliminates the emissions produced in the laying and grouting processes.


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